Ola! Welcome to Me! LOL

Wild Mystic

That’s my title, but what does it mean? It means the word ‘witch’ is still yet an unacceptable term. Seer is a word that’s never understood outside of metaphysical circles. So Wild Mystic, Oracle, is what I chose. It’s simply Who I Am.

I read cards, have for as long as I can remember. People too (though to be fair, this makes people really uncomfortable. I have to explain that, “no, I’m not metaphysically looking up a skirt”), I can’t get anything from folks who want nothing to do with me, except for their feelings of hostility-those I can pick up just fine, thank you very much.

I know when people mean me well, and I know when they don’t. It’s sad really. I can’t even accept a pretty lie for the comfort its meant to bring; and frankly, I don’t want it.

I lived enough of my life trying to fit into the pretty box they gave me, and said I had to fit into. That box just wasn’t a good fit, and quite under-made for its intended job. I defy description, or a box, or anyone’s idea of what I ‘should’ be. I have fought long and hard to be just Me.

I am an oracle. The cards speak and I translate. Sometimes it’s a soul that just needs a nudge. Sometimes, it’s someone who has lost all hope for anything better, or anything positive to come for that matter. Ever.

It is my job to insure I have given these people the tools they require to move forward with their life, their messages, while simultaneously staying out of it and letting them do their own Heart Work. It hurts, however, after the hurt comes a deep sense of peace; possibly one we’ve never known in our waking adult lives; but I can most assuredly tell you, any hard work or heart work, is always worth it.


I’ve learned many things the hard way in my life, simply for being too stubborn. Now, I do as I’m meant, and some days, that seems more difficult than the initial Awakening into what Is. Not how I see it or how I wish it to be; but how It Is. Put plainly; sometimes that just Sucks. 🙂


I have to face people often who doubt that I can do anything other than cold read. I will Never cold read a person, that is just rude and so many friggin levels of Wrong. Just. Wrong.


When people get a reading from me, it’s with the instructions that I will FIRST read the cards, then any questions or discussion can follow. I NEED to have that, or they will DOUBT everything I have to say. And sometimes, the message is more important than my feelings on the matter. Sometimes, I let fly with my sailor mouth, because they need to be shaken up. Other times, I speak soft as a dove’s wing, because they look Terrified and about to jack rabbit out of their chair. It’s their prerogative, but if they’re paying me for a reading, that’s Exactly what they’re getting.


I didn’t ask to be overly empathetic, sensitive, and blunt ahole rolled all into one. Yep, still navigating that. I can write some of the most beautiful poetry that I’m proud of, and when I speak, you would never know. I have a penchant for liking cuss words. And to me, they are just words.


SO BE WARNED NOW: There will be days that I need to bleed the wound with writing, and it may not be too pretty. There will likely be every curse word you know, and a few you don’t. It’s not for shock value, when I say, ‘fuck’, I say it like I’m saying alrighty then. It’s just a word to me, and I forget sometimes, that it is The Worst Word ever to others. I’m learning to curb the habit, however, I’ll never care enough to completely eradicate it. It’s a part of me that got me through some horribly wretched years; merely for the fact it could allow me to express myself vocally, when I could not any other way at the time.

So I like my words, shoot me. 😉


It just feels better to be honest about that up front, because some days there’s nothing happening but fun and fuckery, and I’ll like to announce that usually. LOL


I’m Wild Mystic aka Oracle aka Aryana Rose, I am all of these things and more. The more? Don’t know yet, but there will be lots of posts that go waaaaay out there and some that stay right where they are. Who knows? I like to write about everything. Except for a long time, I blogged and left everything magical out. Won’t be doing that again, it’s apparently seen as a form of denial from the gods, who knew? Hekate and Anubis are my patrons, for some years have been. Right now my magical studies range from Apothecary-Voodoo (yes, you read that right.), I have my own magical following that I do, it’s not so much eclectic as it isn’t from 20 different things, merely two. And, if you consider yourself an Eclectic, that’s cool; just please avoid telling me, “Well, I didn’t like that ingredient, so I skipped it.”, and then bitch the results weren’t right. -Why- didn’t you like the ingredient? Did you find the proper replacement? Because leaving it out with no thought as to why is damned dangerous. Magic demands a price, and that’s usually you handing over your liver, and expecting nothing in return. Fucking up a spell or ritual really isn’t the best route simply because something made you uncomfortable or wasn’t available. You wanna be a Witch, Witch It then and quit fuckin around. (Sorry, mini personal rant, because I am seeing this EVERYWHERE lately, and it’s damned ridiculous. You are a Witch, SHOW IT!)


Bring Balance to yourself, and everything else begins to follow suit; but the catch is: You gotta work for it. Set your intentions Here as well as There in the magical, work toward that goal like your life depends on it, watch it grow.


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my convo ADD post (sorry, ADD does sometimes get the best of me), maybe one of these times I’ll find a topic and stay on it. Until then, stay Magical. 🙂 ******



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